Laura M Gallery is truly that oasis you’ve been looking for… and it’s in a place where you wouldn’t guess it would be: In the High Desert of Wyoming, in a valley where the North Platte river is born, framed by two massive mountain ranges, a short distance from the Continental Divide…

It’s an oasis because there’s nothing like it in Jackson, or Aspen, or… you get the idea. We know this because we hear it all the time from our customers, who all make regular visits here once they discover us.

An oasis because you relax, you breathe easy, you slow down, and you enjoy what surrounds you. It’s a mix of many styles: Modern, Classic, Boho chic, Western. It’s a blend of clothing, accessories, jewelry and footwear… waiting to be merged into your style.

Laura M can put something together for you that you couldn’t predict would “worK” (or work for you), and does it everyday with near-miraculous results.

For some ideas, see LauraM.com

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